Providing specialised people-skills training for your internal IT department


How can you get the best out of your internal IT department?

We all know that maintaining the technical skills within your IT department is paramount in keeping ahead of the field, ensuring your people are motivated, and building successful relationships with the business. What we tend to put on the back-burner is developing the personal skills of our staff.

Alston Computer Solutions is a successful business with both IT training and IT support strands.  With the launch of Alston Training, have combined those areas of expertise to offer you a unique service.  We recognise that your staff have different needs to the average office worker.  We will help mould your people to offer greater levels of customer satisfaction and enhance your department's reputation within your organisation.

We meet your people before the training and if required will design and analyse questionnaires to highlight areas to focus on. We tailor our courses to fit in with the goals for your department. We implement a post-course action plan and follow up to help you maintain momentum.

We offer a mix-and-match approach and will select the most appropriate modules from the following topics:

Enhancing your reputation

Improving productivity and effectiveness

Prioritising and Scheduling

Managing expectations

Professionalism and integrity

Recruitment strategies

Effective Communication skills

Building Improve and improving your client relationships

Choosing the appropriate communication method

Dealing with a variety of personalities

Managing e-mail

The remote client

Customer Service Training

Identifying your clients needs

Using feedback and dealing with complaints

Measuring and Monitoring your quality of service

Your customer service mantra

Personal Development

Teamwork skills

Assertion Training

Time Management

Handling pressure

The personal action plan

Training the IT Trainer

General Courses

Alston also offer a variety of more general courses for  business:

Effective use of technology to improve business communications

Specialised and standard courses in Microsoft Office products.


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